It makes our day when clients take the time to e-mail and let us know what they think – below are a few happy clients sharing their thoughts:

Dear Clutterbusters Team – Mary L. and Kathryn L.,

I wanted to let you know how awesome Mary and Kathryn are! Honestly hiring a professional organizer was probably one of the better investments I have made in a long time. I like to think I am savvy and able to work through most any issues but Mary visualized my space in ways I would have never dreamed of. She is a master at her craft! I recently took my niece in and have been wanting to make a little area for her but in a 1000 sq ft condominium with 3 people and a dog I was at my wits end. Mary and Kathryn managed to make a functional little area for her while also completely re-organizing my daughter’s and my bedrooms. My niece is thrilled and her exact words were “I love it and I can’t stop staring at it!”. I have a newfound appreciation for “organizing” as an art form. What a way to start the new year! Thank you so much, Clutterbusters!!!!

– Joan

Dear Clutterbusters Team – Lynn L. and Gail B.,

Thank you both for all your great work and attitude to match these 2 weeks. I’m still shell-shocked. He was such a good boy, and an even better man. He had a quick wit and practical attitude. He would have really liked you gals, and would have admired your work ethic, which was always first in his book. He appreciated good common sense and could not tolerate mediocrity. Thanks…This is so much bigger than just cleaning up. You all are honoring his life.


Dear Clutterbusters!!

Joanna was here today. She really is the GOLD STANDARD of organizers. What a treasure. She is friendly without wasting time and uses every second to help me. WOW. She transformed the jewelry room in a day.

She is a treasure, a dear, and efficient.

– Irene

Dear Clutterbusters!!

This is the most wonderful thing I have done for myself and my family. Kelly from Clutterbusters!! came into my home and is getting the job done. The things I have no idea what to do with she finds a place for that is perfect for us. She does not stop to eat and works very hard. She is very good at what she does. We are organizing the whole house. 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and all the closets. I cannot say anything better!!

– Randi

Dear Clutterbusters!!

Thank you so much! Joanna is WONDERFUL! She came in and listened to all I had to say and looked around, fixed what was done and changed other things. The area looks great! My husband also said wow this is worth the money! I arranged to have her come back next week to work on my son’s room. She came in today and looked around and got an idea of what his issues are (has special needs) and how we can meet those in the small space he has. I was so insprired when she left I went in and started going through the bins and cleaning out the stuff that didnt belong as well as clean up the floor of the closet. This is how I felt the first time I had the basement done. I couldnt wait to have her come back.

– Nadeen

Dear Clutterbusters!!

My experience with Donna has been unbelivably wonderful, I’m in awe. When we first started there was no way I thought we would be able to complete a room given the cluttered-shape it was in. After finishing the first room, my confidence soar! It’s amazing the organizational talents your representatives exhibit. It feels so good to know that I’m being freed from being held hostage in my cluttered home for many years and my spirit is being freed to allow an abundance of clarity of thinking to flow.

Donna’s personality is very charming and services rendered are very professional. I enjoyed her organization methodology and insightfulness to know how to immediately attack clutter by first explaining what needs to be done and then doing. The most I’ve learned is to never judge a person that’s has a clutter problem because the situation is beyond just having the clutter. Secondly, I’ve decided to take the 30 day challenge to form new habits in putting things back in their place immediately, handling mail daily, and purging when I no longer use items. I not big on shopping anymore but if I do get something new, something old has to be removed from my closet. Speaking of closets, I’m having a ball shopping right in my closets. I can now easily match tops and bottoms to create a whole new outfit or look. I’m no longer bored with my clothes. And I have so much room left in my closets. Well I have a few more hours left with her and whatever doesn’t get done with the rest of my time, I think I can now handle it. And yes, I’ve been sharing my experience with friends and family members. I’m even going to do a decluttering speech with my organization Toastmasters.

ClutterBusters you Rock & Roll.

– R. Robinson

Dear Clutterbusters!!
As for your services, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Getting the organizer was one of the best decisions I have made. With my husband in Iraq and 2 kids under the age of 3, my life and the things in it had gotten out of hand. Your organizer swept through like an organizing tornado, and when she was done I felt like a huge burden had been lifted. I felt like I could gain some control again. She was amazing…she had as much energy as my 2 year old! She was pleasant and a joy to talk with as she worked so quickly and efficiently I could hardly believe it. Her services and skills reached every corner of my cluttered home, from the disorganized shelves and areas in my basement to the enormous pile of laundry on my bed. I couldn’t believe she actually helped me with that!! I am so pleased with her work, and I would recommend and have recommended your service to everyone.

When searching for an organizing service, I was truly a novice. I wasn’t even sure such a thing existed but I knew I had to do something about the chaos in my home so I sought out the information. Though I looked at several services, I choose yours because you were profiled in a national magazine. I’m so glad I did!

– Saleena

Dear Clutterbusters!!

Thank you. I have to admit that the idea of having a group of people in my house to help me un-clutter was both exciting and nerve racking. As soon as Theresa arrived I knew I was in the hands of a professional, a visionary and in the middle of it all of this work she was going to make it fun. The team worked together flawlessly.

My mother died last year and I inherited some beautiful things. I was overwhelmed and found that I couldn’t think about tackling the monstrous job of sorting, finding a method to organization and decorating. Theresa and her team arrived at 2:30 as planned. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do. Theresa listened and like a true friend helped me come to my own best idea. Instantly they were enthusiastic about the project. We decided to turn my dining room into a reading nook. We aren’t dining room kind of people, and I had some pretty casual chairs and pieces of furniture that I hoped would work in there instead. Since March (it’s now August) both my dining room table chairs and hutch covered with family heirlooms, which were in turn covered in dust sat, mocking me, everything hither and yon creating chaos. Pieces of furniture and antiques that I inherited crammed up against each other taking up space and doing nothing but making me sad. I didn’t have the strength, vision or commitment to handle this transformation alone. Clutterbusters!! made my dream come true. Walking in my house now you see a peaceful flow with beautiful pieces of furniture and artwork hung. All clutter has found a rightful home in ways that make sense for our family.

I am more grateful than I can say.

I was embarrassed to have people come in my house and blocked them at the door. So your Clutterbuster!! team accomplished making my home fresh, peaceful, interesting and organized and turned me into a gracious hostess.

One other thing I have to mention is that the attitude of your staff was so positive and enthusiastic they actually had me believing that they enjoyed the project and the results just as much as me.

I’m a huge fan. HUGE.


Dear Clutterbusters!!
Where to begin? Thanking you for these great women who work so hard and are so pleasant? Thanking you for EXISTING as a business to help me with what I can no longer do around the house?

Wow. They and you are incredible. Thanks so much!!

– Irene

Dear Clutterbusters!!

Before hiring Clutterbusters, I was skeptical about the process and whether or not it would be worth it. Well – I soon met Deb and all that changed. Deb is a firecracker – she is organized (of course), but it goes beyond that. She was truly born to do this work! She made it look effortless and the experience became fun (and that is saying a lot!). She never let a pile of clutter get her flustered, and she quickly and easily moved from room to room, taking away my internal chaos at the same time!! Most importantly, Deb is a very sweet person – she made me feel very comfortable and I felt that we had known each other forever – a good thing when someone is rummaging through all of your personal items! To this day, I walk into my gorgeous closets and feel grateful to have met Deb and the Clutterbusters team. Thank you!

– Laura

Dear Clutterbusters!!
Stephanie is tremendous! She is a real joy to work with and manages to do the impossible — make tedious tasks fun! She took one look at my clutter-infested cube with its piles of papers, files and junk and knew exactly what to do. My workspace now looks fabulous. Word of my new neat and orderly space has traveled through the office grapevine and now I’m getting all kinds of visitors who are stopping by to see the magic first-hand so you may have other employees calling you.

– Staci

Dear Clutterbusters!!

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with the help that Jane has given me. The first time she worked with me, she helped me get my office manageable and find a place for almost everything. She gave me a few things to finish and follow-up on. My work space is more pleasant. The second time she came to work with me, she helped me get several items for donation organized and documented. She also helped me make some decisions about things I have had a hard time getting rid of. We plan to work together again in my office on managing and prioritizing work tasks. And then…my bedroom. It’s like a bomb went off in there!

As a divorced, full-time working mother of two, one in college and the other with special needs, I am juggling a lot and trying to stay on top of everything. I am exhausted and stressed most of the time and many things in my home have been neglected. I’m glad I called Clutterbusters!! because I was so overwhelmed. Many things that were a “work in progress” and left unfinished are being completed. I still have more to do, but I think I am finally seeing a “light” at the end of the tunnel. Jane has been terrific!

– Sara

Dear Clutterbusters!!
I first contacted Clutterbusters!! when I experienced some illness and needed more efficient ways to function in my house. I had also completed some redecoration and felt it was the perfect time to get organized. Your organizer approached each facet of my office and kitchen with suggestions and showed me the organizing aides that worked for various functional areas, such as folders and drawer trays. At every step I had the choice. Some ideas fit with my and my husband’s ideas and some didn’t. As she worked her way through the two rooms I had chosen to attack, I felt supported in my ideas and encouraged to try new ones. The outcome has simplified my life, and even though I don’t always keep up with the systems, I know what I’m supposed to do and eventually get back on track. A year or so later, another organizer with an equally pleasant personality, Teresa, came to help organize the CD collection that was eating up precious storage space in the living room, and set up office files for a new business I began at that time. I recommend Clutterbusters!! to all my friends because they offer exceptional organizing skills at a reasonable price in this rapidly growing field. With Clutterbusters, I know I can count on a pleasant experience with my needs at the forefront of their approach.

– Brenda

Dear Clutterbusters!!

Thanks so much for coming to our meeting last night!!!!! I was soooo motivated that I stayed up late last night, organizing the kitchen junk drawers and my kid’s playroom. Then, today, I totally redid our office!!!!! Thanks so much (remember, I was the one who shares the office with my hubby.) Well…..he comes home from a business trip tomorrow morning. I’m afraid he’s going to grab my shoulders, look me in the eye and say, “Who are you and where did you hide my wife?”!!!!!!!!

A “former” clutterer… saved by Kristine!

– Carolyn

Dear Clutterbusters!!
Your business is well represented by you and also Jane! What a needful service for the busy lives we all lead! We chose well when we decided on Clutterbusters! Smile!

– Marilyn

Clutterbusters!! is the best!

Not only have I been able to declutter, I have been able to keep my problem areas clutter-free. The organization was so helpful. I have used your services repeatedly and my house and business work much better for everyone involved.

– Jacque

Dear Clutterbusters!!
I have used your service for over a year now to finish the clutter I gained when I had to clear out a house and an apartment. My Mother passed away and Dad left all the “stuff” up to me to pack and get out of the house. Then my aunt was in an apartment and needed to have me empty the apartment-6 months after emptying Dad’s house. I had more memorabilia, sentimental objects, and junk, that I knew what to do with. I was overwhelmed and depressed. It has been an awesome experience to gain control of my house again. I still have the “stuff” but less of it, and it is nicely stored in a self-storage place. I am not ready to quit–I will be asking for Theresa until I get the attic “stuff” organized for a yard sale! She has helped me manage the mess in our house and for this I am indeed forever grateful. I have Multiple Sclerosis that is slowly progressing. I need to have a home that is clear of clutter—or else, my stress level gives me trouble getting through the day. I am also 49 with a 7 year-old son that had outgrown his toys. In a one-level rambler home there are no hiding spots, or basement, to put the “stuff’.” I can’t say enough about how I feel when Theresa leaves my home. It is indeed like Christmas for me. I get what I always wanted—” A place for everything and everything in its place.” I inherited this disease called ‘Clutter’ from my dear mother. But I am breaking the cycle of trying to hide it, or being embarrassed of my home when I have guests.
I have had two wonderful ladies from your service help me over the past year and I want you to know that Theresa has blended into our family as a very dear friend. I feel like she is never judging me. That is the best feeling. I still need her to work with me so please don’t use her time up until I can get my home back under my control.

Many thanks!

Dear Clutterbusters!!

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your services. I met with Kristine and she was fantastic!!!! She was so encouraging and had so many great ideas for creating order of my chaos of that I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders!

With running a business and taking care of a family, I have had very little time for housework. Kristine provided an excellent solution for the problem areas in my house. Now, everything has a place and the clutter is gone! Thanks so much for your services.

– Wanda

Dear Clutterbusters!!
Betsy was the answer to my prayers!! I had looked at the TOTAL clutter in my office for 2 years. I was miserable each time I had to enter it to work on the computer. The task was FAR too overwhelming for me to even know where to begin. In just 3 hours Betsy gave me my office back – and it was painless!! Now I love to go in there, close the door and get to work.

– Nancy

Dear Clutterbusters!!

I was so embarrassed about the condition of my garage, I was even embarrassed to call you, even though I’m sure you’ve seen it all. I was literally afraid to step foot in that garage, with all the spider webs, toxic fertilizer powders, rusty nails, and various “creatures.” I was amazed at the efficiency with which you went through a decade of junk and cleaned out the garage in a matter of hours. I can now, for the first time in over 10 years, actually park the cars in the garage instead of out on the driveway. That alone makes it all worth it!

– Sarah

Dear Clutterbusters!!
It’s amazing what a lift it is having someone to help with a project. I felt so energized and pleased with my closet that this morning I got up and completely straightened the bathroom. This was no simple task as I had gathered up many bathroom items from my mother’s house, but had not yet organized anything. What a relief to have this done.
By the way, my husband looked at my closet last night and I heard a very audible gasp of disbelief and pleasure. Thanks again.

– Mary

Dear Clutterbusters!!

Just wanted to thank you again for a great job. You far exceeded my wildest expectations. The amazing thing was that you were able to get my son to help you, and to actually throw out years worth of stuff. I actually observed him vacuuming his rug after you left. We were smiling for the rest of the day. People who have come over have remarked that they didn’t know he had a “red” carpet. In fact, some said, “I didn’t know he had a carpet at all!” Your service was worth every penny.

– Carol

Dear Clutterbusters!!
I am impressed by your professionalism, it is impeccable! I will definitely refer your services.

– Elaine

Dear Clutterbusters!!

As a single working mom, I just found myself too tired at night and on the weekends to keep things and papers organized. The professional Clutterbusters!! organizer, Theresa, was a whiz at helping me weed out unused and unneeded items and logically organizing the remainder for easy retrievability. I very highly recommend Clutterbusters!! to anyone and will continue to use their services.

– Sally

We all agree here…
Theresa is exactly what we were looking for!! She was very quick, efficient and got the job done!!!! We were all amazed at the progress of her visit. She was also fun and friendly to be with. I will definitely use your services again in the future (probably for the garage) and will let you know when we are ready. I like that your services are oriented towards getting the job done. Theresa went beyond what I even thought could be done. I didn’t think we would get to the laundry area, but she did it and also set up an area for me to work. I am more than pleased and I thank her very much for that. My husband was also very pleased and I am happy to be moving on to other things I want to do, plus not cringing when I go down to do the laundry!!!”

– Lia

Dear Clutterbusters!!

I really like Cheryl. She was very laid back, in a GOOD way, but was right there to ensure that everything got done. It was amazing…she was such a shot in the arm. After she left, I spent another 2 to 3 hours in my daughter’s room and moved on to my son’s room this weekend.

– Pam

I won’t hesitate to hire Clutterbusters!! in the future!
The organizer you sent, Theresa, was very engaging and I enjoyed having her in my home. She never made me feel that I was “sloppy” or anything of the sort, which is something I was worried about. I thank you for sending her to my home to help. I was very pleased with the job she did, and I won’t hesitate to hire Clutterbusters!! in the future once we determine what our next steps are.
Thanks again!

– Teresa K.

I’m thrilled with Clutterbusters!!

I just wanted to write and tell you how thrilled I am with the results of my Clutterbusters!! In-Person Organizing.
Saturday, Tina arrived ready and rarin’ to go. After I explained what I hoped to accomplish with her help, the two of us dug in to tackle my garage. It hasn’t been properly cleaned or organized since we moved into our home over six years ago, and has become the dumping ground for everything from empty boxes (we shop online a lot) and bags of recycling, to boxes of clothes and stacks of Cosmo magazines (from the 80’s!). There was only a narrow aisle from interior door to garage door, where the lawn mower stood — the rest was solid JUNK, stacked taller than a person in some spots.

In one afternoon, Tina helped me reach my goals of sorting, organizing and discarding. She kept me motivated, and it was such fun getting through something I’d been putting off for years. There’s now enough room in my 1-car garage to fit an actual car! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Clutterbusters!! and Tina’s enthusiastic help, and hope to have you back to help us on the road to decluttering our entire house, one room at a time… Thanks again!

– LauraLynn

Hi Betsy!
I hope all is well! I have to say that my 5 hours with Kristine were quite possibly the most productive 5 hours of my life. I have never done anything for 5 hours straight and seen such drastic results! I got a bit emotional parting with some of my things, but Kristine’s “tough love” made parting with them so much easier. She really showed me how some of my habits were literally draining me both financially and physically. I had been spending so much time trying to conquer my mess, saving things I didn’t need and other negative behaviors that I was unable to focus my attention on things that really needed it. What she did in 5 hours I was unable to do in 4 years, so the time and effort Kristine saved me trying to figure it all out was worth the investment that I, at first, was hesitant to make. I’m super excited to maintain everything because I finally feel like I can and I know this will affect every aspect of my life positively. With that, thank you SO much for starting this service and the same to Kristine for being my personal Angel of Organization.

– Robin

Dear Clutterbusters!!

The whole experience with Tina was wonderful. We got an amazing amount finished in our two sessions — and I can’t believe we conquered the beast that was our home office/study. Tina was on time, totally professional and super easy to work with. I feel confident about maintaining the office now, as we established a real, workable system by the time we were done. I would recommend this service to my friends without any hesitation.

– Kate

Dear Clutterbusters!!
I am so happy with Debbie, I can hardly contain the joy!! She helped me make my kitchen like new again. It has order and it looks so good. I had so much stuff, I wasn’t sure what was where, or which way to turn in order to rid of it all. Frankly, it was a mess. Then came Debbie, your ‘power clutterbuster.’ I walked in the kitchen this morning and marveled. It’s like a blast from the past!!! It’s wonderful. Debbie stayed with me while we uncluttered that kitchen. I can’t wait to go home tonight. Debbie is such a gem, and I look forward to working with her again on Saturday.
Thank you so much Betsy. I now know there’s a way out of the maze.

– Carmen

If you would like to speak to any of these clients of ours, please e-mail us at the name of the person on the testimonial and we will forward you their contact information!!

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